We have been breeding purebred, CKC registered Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers since 1999.
We are a small and passionate breeder striving to produce healthy and beautiful family members to approved buyers. All our puppies are born and raised in our home. We take great pride in our breeding program and health test all our breeding stock,provide a written health guarantee for our puppies and constantly evaluate the offspring.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers are a wonderful family pet when socialized and obedience trained as a puppy. They adapt well to most living situations as long as they are with their family. They are medium sized, non-shedding, good with kids, fun loving, spirited, tenacious and loving!

Wheatens enjoy doing anything including obedience, agility, therapy work, camping, canoeing or just laying around the house keeping an eye on things. Wheatens want to become an integral part of your family :)

As a dedicated, reputable breeder, we spend vast amounts of time with our dogs, puppies and families.  We go beyond the required health tests of our breeding stock and provide a 2 year health guarantee for our puppies. We stand behind the quality of our dogs.

We are members in good standing with the Canadian Kennel Club and the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Association of Canada; and as such, we adhere to the guidelines, practices and ethics.

Here at Witthaven Wheatens, we don't have a kennel, we own a few CKC registered females from champion lines that live as pampered pets most of the time. Once they have passed all the health tests and are considered to be of excellent conformation and personality, they are used in the breeding program.  The males we choose are always CKC registered, from champion lines, are regularly health tested, and complement our female and her characteristics.

We constantly strive to produce beautiful, healthy and sound puppies. They are born and raised in our home and we ensure each puppy is stimulated every day (bio sensory program) in just the right amounts and ways to help them mature into a well balanced adult dog.  We have had great success in using a puppy (Volhard) aptitude test to help establish the right puppy for each family.

We provide a comprehensive puppy package with lots of advice and support forever.  We like to keep in touch and expect that if at any time during the life of your dog you need to find a new home for it, that you will call us first as we often have people asking us for older puppies or dogs.

Witthaven puppies are born and raised in our home and stimulated every day right from birth using a BioSensory Program.  We provide a comprehensive puppy package with lots of information on training, obedience, health, grooming, etc.. Our puppies are vet checked twice, vaccinated, microchipped, registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, well handled and immensely loved. We leave tails natural.

Each litter gets their own blog so you can keep updated regularly on how your puppy is doing. ​We also encourage you to visit your new puppy during the 8 week growth period.

Most wheaten puppies are born brown or reddish brown with black markings and lighten to the colour of "ripening wheat" according to the breed standard. The coat continually changes until 3 years of age, so there is no way of knowing exactly what colour your adult wheaten will be. Physical and mental health is our number one priority, coat colour is secondary.

We are not a kennel and the females and puppies live in our home.

We generally have only one litter per year, sometimes none.

Included with your Witthaven puppy:
a written comprehensive 2 year health guarantee (one of the best!)
microchipping and ​free lifetime registration with a pet finder service
non-breeding registration papers with the Canadian Kennel Club (the only registration that matters in Canada!)
vet check with 1st vaccination
a 4 generation pedigree (family tree)
a personalized photo album with individual and group photos of your puppy from birth
​access to the litter blog so you can follow along as they grow
free pet insurance for either 30 days (Trupanion) or 6 weeks (PetsPlus)
​puppy package including a leash, collar, toy, chew items, a blanket with the littermate's scent
loads of information on training, grooming & obedience
a small bag of food
​PLUS a nice bag to carry everything in!
We take pride in preparing you to accept a new family member from Witthaven!

The breeding stock we use are regularly health tested and determined to be in excellent health. Based on the DNA testing protocols for wheatens, we can guarantee that NO Witthaven puppy will ever carry two predisposing variant alleles for PLN. We will travel far and wide or even ship in semen to use the right male for our females that complement their characteristics. We currently have only two breeding females that live in our home as pampered pets most of the time! All our puppies are sold on non-breeding contracts that we strictly enforce. You are required to neuter your puppy within 4 months of taking it home, if you aren't willing to do that, please don't apply to be on our waiting list!

If you would like to be considered for a puppy, please contact us via email witthaven1@gmail.com  and we can discuss puppy ownership. There will be many questions to answer and we prefer meeting our families in person, we will not ship a puppy. We welcome serious visitors to our home when the time is right to meet us and our girls.

Although we understand that some people like to pick out their own puppy, we usually decide which puppy will be best for each family. We spend weeks getting to know their personalities that a buyer could never fully appreciate on a short visit to our home. We have had great success matching puppies and families and we use a puppy aptitude test at 7 weeks as well as the day to day interaction with each puppy to determine the best homes. We will take your preferences into consideration and do our best to please you, but there are no guarantees. They are all equally adorable and none of them will carry the same colouring as an adult anyway.

Irish vs North American Coats

Coat type may be one consideration in choosing your Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier puppy, but it should definitely not be the deciding factor.  Health, temperament, conformation and your connection with the breeder are more important.

Although there are many different coat types, the "Irish" and the "North American" are two typically seen in Canada. Both are single coated, non-shedding, require regular grooming and change in colour/texture until 3 years of age.  All wheaten puppies are born brown or red with black tipping and eventually change to the adult coat.  The correct adult coat of any Wheaten Terrier would have some colour (varying from blonde to golden honey), gentle waves, average fullness, definitely NOT fluffy, cottony, curly or white.  You can view the breed standard at http://www.ckc.ca/en/Choosing-a-Dog/Choosing-a-Breed/Terriers/Soft-coated-Wheaten-Terrier

The "Irish" type is less full, lays closer to the body, is wavy, soft and silky. The coat takes a few years to fill in and look its best and the puppies tend to look a little scruffy. A good adult coat is fairly easy to maintain with minimal mats and seems to grow slower. The Irish type adult dogs tend to be lighter in colour as well. Here is a link to some great information about the  Irish Coats - you will see that there are many variations in coat type, so there are no guarantees what your cute little puppy will look like as an adult!

The "North American" or "woolly" type is also soft, but very full and abundant from an early age. The puppies are very cute and look like teddy bears, but their coats can mat quickly. The adult coat becomes easier to maintain, but still requires frequent combing out and trips to the groomer to look the best.

Just to be clear, the coat type has nothing to do with the personality of the dog.  If you have a pure Irish dog from the original lines in Ireland (a very rare thing indeed), then perhaps the personality would be a little more terrier like.  But here in Canada, most puppies have some North American blood in them and wouldn't be considered to be pure Irish dogs, even if they have Irish coats. 

1.5 yr old NA on left and 2 year old Irish on right

NA on left, Irish on right at 7 weeks from same litter

picture from the internet
NA on left, Irish on right at about 5 months

Irish on left, NA on right at 8 weeks from same litter

North American Type Puppy Pictures

3 month old

5 month old graduating puppy obedience

8 month old waiting to go into show ring

4 months

6 months
2 weeks

8 weeks

4 weeks
4 months

7 weeks

8 weeks

7 weeks

7 weeks

North American Type Adult Pictures

3 yr old

8yr old
taking over the house

getting ready for the show 1.5 year old

cuteness overload 1.5 year old

2 year old

3 year old

2 year old

3 year old

1 year old

1 year old with manificent coat

and some wheatens love the water too!

Irish Type Puppy Pictures

8 weeks

7 weeks

7 months

5 months

3 weeks

3 months

7 weeks
7 weeks

Irish Type Adult Pictures

mother and 8 week old baby

typical adult - internet photo

typical adult - internet photo

1 year old

4 year old 

young dog maybe 8 months - internet photo
someone needs a haircut! 3yr old
a wet Irish wheaten
2 year old
Irish mom and her 8 week old
Me with a one year old Irish and her 3 year old mother